Introducing the New Look Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

When Hitachi originally designed the Magic Wand massager, they never envisioned their personal full body massager would actually become the market leading sexual vibrator! Now, years on the Hitachi Magic Wand has been featured in many adult movies and, to the envy of all our competitors, even appeared in the Sex and The City TV series.

For decades the Hitachi Magic Wand Original has held its own in the increasing competitive marketplace for vibrators – no mean feat and a sure sign of how effective, reliable and downright pleasurable it is to use. Generations of women have experienced the benefits and keep coming back for more!

Stronger deeper vibrations. Sleek new design. More powerful than ever.

New generation, new name, same great performance

Having developed the Hitachi Magic Wand in the early 70’s Hitachi have decided it’s time for an update and refresh. So we are re-launching with the simplified brand, Magic Wand Original.


The Hitachi brand has been removed from the product name, and all the packaging. Hitachi is a global technology brand, they never wanted to enter into the market for sexual toys, they just fluked upon a winner! They have therefore, understandably, decided to move the product away from the original branding so as not to be associated with the adult entertainment industry.


With a new brand come some other changes! Our new packaging is sleeker and more modern and the wand itself has received improvements including changes to the switch and design changes that mean the new Magic Wand Original is even stronger and more durable. This means you can enjoy the deep, penetrating vibrations for years and years to come!

But buyer beware – despite our recent changes, there are still lots of fakes out in the marketplace trying to imitate the Hitachi Magic Wand. Don’t get caught out buying a cheap, poorly designed imitation.

To ensure maximum pleasure, you need to ensure that you are buying a genuine Magic Wand Original.  As well as running the risk that your experience will be compromised, using counterfeit, usually substandard products can be dangerous as counterfeiting organisations do not have to conform to the same rigid safety and quality standards that we uphold here at Magic Wand Original. Your pleasure is our business, ensuring you buy a genuine product, ensures you are enjoying the “Cadillac of vibrators”. Why take a chance?

If you already have a Hitachi Magic Wand but aren’t sure of its authenticity, please have a look at our guide to counterfeit wands and how to spot a fake by clicking here. We want to ensure you are only using the genuine product!

Ready to buy a genuine Magic Wand Original and start to increase your pleasure? To order your Magic Wand Original directly from us, please click here and begin your journey to new sexual heights!

There are many reasons that customers purchase this quality massager over all other cheap imitations, and our customer reviews show how versatile and hard wearing this essential massager is.  The Hitachi Wand Massager comes with 12 months warranty too, for your peace of mind. 



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