Magic Wand Massager- Designed for women, loved by all. 

The Hitachi Magic Wand Original massager was originally developed as a general muscular massage aid, however, its powerful and penetrating vibrations meant that its use as an intimate massage tool were quickly noticed and have led to its recognition as one of the best vibrators available on the market today.

In an increasing competitive marketplace, the effective design, durability and ease of use of the Hitachi Magic Wand Original has meant it has maintained its top of the pile status for over 30 years. Its popularity is such that other companies even now manufacture attachments which provide more targeted vibrations for areas of increased sensitivity.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager: Recommended by sexual health therapists

Professionals recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager – without being asked to!

But what do the professionals think? Well they love it too! In fact, sexual heath councillors, therapists and commentators on female sexual empowerment have been known to recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand Original to their female clients in particular.


Betty Dodson PhD, educator, author and artist, says “Once I discovered how great this vibrator was for intimate pleasure, I started buying them by the case to share with the women in my original therapy groups. Since the early seventies I have recommended the Hitachi Magic Wand without being paid for my endorsement.”   


Carol Queen PhD, author and educator, comments “I have a very soft spot for the Hitachi magic wand vibrator, a very good-quality, powerful electric massager that’s good for much more than shoulders.”   


It must be tried to be believed! With its two speed vibration settings, the Hitachi Magic Wand Original provides increasing intensity to your massage, heightening sensation as your pleasure increases. Though don’t ramp up too soon… the wand is so powerful that some of our clients even report that the low setting alone is enough to help them reach great heights of sexual pleasure. Why not try it for yourself? There’s a reason why the Hitachi Magic Wand Original is widely known as “the Cadillac of vibrators!”

We recommend starting slowly. Explore your body (or your partners), recognising where you get the best reactions and responses. Take time to navigate all areas, not just the traditional erogenous zones. All bodies are different and pleasure centres will sometimes surprise you with their locations. Move the Hitachi Magic Wand Original slowly but purposefully, returning to areas of greatest pleasure as intensity heightens. Intimate massage is all about exploration, pleasure and stress relief… no place for rushing here! Concentrate on the sensations you are experiencing (or witnessing in a partner), relax and enjoy.


We have been the market leader and number one choice in personal wand massagers for over 30 years. Generations of women have discovered the pleasures that can be provided by the Hitachi Magic Wand Original. Now it’s your turn to discover the benefits for yourself!


So what are you waiting for? Time now for you to order yours! For information on how to order please click here.

There are many reasons that customers purchase this quality massager over all other cheap imitations, and our customer reviews show how versatile and hard wearing this essential massager is.  The Hitachi Wand Massager comes with 12 months warranty too, for your peace of mind. 



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